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New! Episode 7 of the IOD DIY Gallery Wall - from one sheet of Plywood!

Vonda Youngkin |

How cool would it be to create an entire wall gallery with a single sheet of plywood?  Well, the IOD Sisters, Sally and Josie, have done just that using mostly IOD Decor Stamps and a few IOD Decor Transfers and IOD Decor Moulds - behold, the IOD DIY Gallery Wall...

IOD Gallery Wall

If you haven't heard about it, you can catch up by watching Episodes 1 through 7 below.  Each link will take you to the Iron Orchid Designs website, provide the list of products they used to create the gallery thus far, and give you step-by-step instructions how to recreate your own IOD Gallery Wall.


IOD Gallery WallIOD Gallery Wall

While there is an occasional mention of chalk paint, Fusion Paint certainly can be used in place of, just remember Fusion Paint will dry much faster than chalk paint, and any distressing of Fusion Paint should be done early in the process of drying.

Episode 1 (Start Here!) uses IOD Kindest Regards Stamp, IOD Laurel Mould, IOD Redoute Transfer, and IOD Rose Toile Stamp.  Includes the plywood template and vase template. See link below. 

Episode 2 uses the IOD Cubano Stamp and the IOD Birds Branches and Blossoms Stamp.

Episode 3 uses the IOD Queen Bee Stamp and the IOD Rose Toile Stamp.

Episode 4 uses the IOD Painterly Roses Stamp, IOD Kindest Regards Stamp, and IOD Birds Branches and Blossoms Stamp.

Episode 5 uses the IOD Bohemian Border Transfer, IOD Prim and Trim Transfer, IOD Distressed Stamp, IOD Kindest Regards Stamp, and IOD Art Brayer.

Episode 6 uses the IOD Laurel Mould, IOD Air Dry ClayIOD Queen Bee StampIOD Birds Branches and Blossoms Stamp, and IOD Kindest Regards Stamp.

Episode 7 uses the IOD Typesetting Stamp, IOD Classic Bouquets TransferIOD Kindest Regards Stamp, and IOD Art Brayer.

IOD Gallery Wall Episode 1
IOD Gallery Wall - Part 1 - START Here!

IOD Gallery Wall Episode 2IOD Gallery Wall - Part 2

IOD Gallery Wall Episode 3
IOD Gallery Wall - Part 3

IOD Gallery Wall Episode 4
IOD Gallery Wall - Part 4

IOD Gallery Wall Part Episode 5
IOD Gallery Wall - Part 5
IOD Gallery Wall 6
IOD Gallery Wall - Part 6
IOD Gallery Wall Part Episode 7
IOD Gallery Wall - Part 7
IOD Gallery Wall - Part 8 (Coming Soon!)
You can view Episodes 1 through 7 by clicking the links below. 

More Episodes to follow!

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