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The FREE Painted Heirloom Rewards Loyalty Program

About Painted Heirloom Rewards.  I understand how hard we work for our money, and I wanted a way to reward my returning customers who put their trust in me that I try to deliver the best possible customer service.  In June of 2019, I implemented Painted Heirloom Rewards, a point-based loyalty program that you will be able to earn points for purchases and activities.

WHAT IS IT?  It is a completely free customer loyalty program where you earn points for purchases, completing certain actions like leaving product reviews, liking my Facebook page, etc, then you redeem those points for discounts - $7.50 up to $25! A minimum of 150 points is required to generate a discount. That's it, that simple.  No strings attached.  If you intend on buying from me in the future, there is no reason not to sign up.

Still not sure how the process works - read on!

HOW DO I PARTICIPATE?  In order to join, access, and earn the benefits of my rewards program, click the PAINTED HEIRLOOM REWARDS button (or REWARDS if on mobile) at the bottom right of the web page.

Then click “JOIN NOW” Once you have created a store account, you are welcome to participate in all actions I have prepared.


You do not have to join the program to purchase from my website.

WILL PAST PURCHASES COUNT TOWARDS POINTS.  Yes, but this will not an automatic process.  If you have purchases from my online store before 6/15/2019, please use that same account when joining Painted Heirloom Rewards. Then use the Contact Form at, providing your name, email address, and/or phone number you used when you made previous purchases. Then give me a couple of days to manually add your points from previous purchased.

VIP TIERS.  Earning Heirloom Rewards just faster!

Level 1: VALUED CUSTOMER.  Free to join. Earn 1.0 points for every dollar spent!

Level 2: BRONZE VIP.  Spend a total of $750 at my store to achieve Bronze VIP, and begin earning 1.1 points for every dollar spent. You will also receive a single one-time-use 10% off code!

Level 3: SILVER VIP.
  Spend a total of $1500 at my store to achieve Silver, and begin earning 1.2 points for every dollar spent. You will also receive a single single one-time-use 15% off code!

Level 4: GOLD VIP.
  Spend a total of $3000 at my store to achieve Silver, and begin earning 1.3 points for every dollar spent. You will also receive a single single one-time-use 20% off code!

    Past purchases will count towards VIP status! Login now to see your VIP status!

    DISCOUNTED and FREE SHIPPING. All Rewards Members receive discounted and free shipping, based on their order total value. If you spend over $60, you are offered $6.95 flat shipping.  If you spend over $100, you are offered $2.95 flat shipping.  And if you spend over $150, you receive free shipping!

    HOW CAN I EARN POINTS?  You can earn points by completing actions listed in, and through, the HEIRLOOM REWARDS tab. Just click on “Rewards” tab to see the list of activities available for you to take part.  Then, if appropriate, click and follow the specific task in the Rewards tab.

    Currently, the following activities are available to earn Heirloom Honor points (subject to change):

    1 Point.

    Place an order, and earn 1 point for every $1 spent on products in your cart. Does not apply to shipping costs, taxes, or discounts.

    5 Points. (Award Limit:  1 time each activity, except where noted).

    Share us on Facebook.
    Like my Page Facebook.
    Follow on Twitter.
    Follow on Instagram.

    15 Points. (Award Limit: 1 time award).

    Create an account. If you have already created an account and the 15 points weren’t automatically awarded, please use the Contact Form with your full name, and email and/or phone number associated with the account.

    15 Points. (Award Limit: 1 time award & Unlimited).

    Leave one honest review of my store, and/or reviews of a purchase made at my store, Pictures of your projects are not required, but encourage!  Award Limit: 1 time award for review of my web-store; UNLIMITED (currently) award of 15 points for EACH verified purchased product reviews - for a limited time, and subject to change.  Reviews have to be approved before publishing, at which point your points will be awarded.

    25 Points.  (Award Limit:  Once a year).

    Be rewarded on your birthday! Simply enter your birthday

    25 Points.  (Award Limit:  Currently unlimited.)

    Refer a friend with your personal link in the Painted Heirloom Rewards tab, and if they use that link to make a purchase, that will receive 5% off, and you will receive 25 points.

    HOW CAN I SPEND MY POINTS?  NOTE: If you have an eGift Card, enter the eGift Card code FIRST and click apply, then enter the discount code and click apply. After you have created an account and earned enough points for a reward, click on “Rewards” tab, and then Get & Use Rewards. If you have enough points, you will see the REDEEM button.  Click the REDEEM button, then a slider will appear. Adjust the slider to the value you wish, and then select REDEEM, then the green check mark to confirm. Then, click APPLY and your reward will be applied to your cart. Alternatively, you can copy the newly created unique one-time-use reward code. Do note that using a reward may bring your total purchase price down below the threshold for free or flat rate shipping.  If you have a change of heart after you REDEEM, but haven't spent the points yet, use the Contact Form and I will "Refund the Points," cancelling your reward, but putting the points back to your balance.  More Reward opportunities may be added in the future.



    WHERE TO USE THE CODE.  If you did not click the APPLY button in the rewards tab, simply copy and paste the copied code from your Rewards tab into the Discount Code Box during check-out!  Double check shipping method before proceeding!  It's possible the discount brought your order total below the threshold for free or discounted shipping!


    THE FINE PRINT.  Please do not try to abuse or exploit the program.  I’m just a wife and mother running this out of my home in Northwest Florida.  Points can only be used to reduce your purchase cost.  Points have no cash value, nor cannot be redeemed for actual currency of any kind. Any percentage discounts will only apply towards discounting cost of products, not shipping charges.  Points will not be earned for any amount that is discounted, nor towards shipping charges paid.  Points cannot be transferred from one account to another – please use the same account each and every time you place an order or conduct an activity. I reserve the right to terminate an Heirloom Rewards account, or not award points, if I feel there is abuse or exploitation of the program.