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Art Alchemy Matte Waxes, Antique Brilliance Waxes, Metallique Waxes, and Opal Magic Waxes

These waxes work wonderfully on our IOD Air Dry Clay, as well as the incredible Amazing Casting Resin castings pulled from our beautiful IOD Décor Moulds by Iron Orchid Designs.

Matte Wax. A gorgeous, wax-based antiquing paste with a unique, matte look! Matte Wax has a special, opaque, covering and permanent finish. It will give you generous color and matte, vintage-looking results on both dark and light colored surfaces.

Antique Brilliance Waxes. Unique, gorgeous, wax-based paste with a difference; offering you two wonderful effects in one product! Antique Brilliance Wax has a special opaque, yet permanent finish. It will give you generous color and shiny results on dark surfaces and antiqued, vintage effects, with a touch of iridescence on lighter backgrounds.

Metallique Waxes. Beautiful, metallic, wax-based paste which will turn your artwork into a real treasure while adding amazing, rich, metal- like finish to most surfaces and elements. 

Opal Magic Waxes. Marvelous wax-based paste offering you two great effects in one product! Opal Magic Wax has a special opaque, yet permanent finish. It will give you color-filled, shiny results on dark surfaces; and delicate, pearled iridescence effects on lighter backgrounds.

Effect Paste. Add a unique texture to your mixed media projects with Effect paste! Perfect for using with a palette knife on stencils or canvases. Discover a variety of glitters and sparkle with this unique paste.

Rust Effect Paste. Opaque, thick paste with matt, rust-like finish. Perfect for creating resty texture and adding dimension. Comes in 3 rust colors.

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