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What is DIY Paint? DIY Paint by Debi's Design Diary is a heavy pigmented artisan quality clay and chalk based paint that works wonderfully with decor embellishments.  With it's heavy 5x pigmentation, you can dilute DIY Paint at a ration of 10 to 1, allowing you to blend beautifully with water and still get great coverage, saturation  luminosity and adhesion. DIY Paint contains no fillers, allergens  plastics, acrylics, latex, barriers or self levelers. You can achieve a smooth finish or a highly textured finish without a texture medium - the choice is yours.  DIY Paint has a long open time, until sealed or cured you can reactivate dried paint, wet distress and change your mind. Decor Transfers can be applied without a sealer after letting paint dry for 24 hours, giving you the option to use wax with transfers or blend paint over the transfers. DIY Paint also works well with IOD Paint Inlays decoupage paper, stencils and more.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ. A few important notes. Per DIY Paint's retailer agreement, all DIY Paint products are to be excluded from any customer incentive.  As such, all DIY Paint products will be excluded from my Rewards program (will not be able earn or use points in relation to DIY products), and all DIY Paint products will be excluded from discounted and free shipping.

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