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Top Coat Final Finish Matte by Sweet Pickins

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Top Coat Final Finish Matte by Sweet Pickins is a water-based, non-toxic finish for use over Milk Paint to protect against stains, dirt, and abrasion.

Finish:  Matte. Perfect over milk paint to keep the chalky, flat look.  Also great over wood to keep the raw look without deepening the color. 

Use over milk paint or stained/raw wood for a durable and abrasion resistant finish.  Our Top Coat Finish Finish is one of the highest quality, low toxicity water based finishes on the market and is a great alternative to solvent based products.  Can be used on cabinets, floors, doors, toys, etc.

Can be used over chippy milk paint if applied in thin coats.  A light sand after the 1st coat has dried may be necessary if any of the paint has raised before proceeding with a 2nd coat.

Top Coat Final Finish will NOT even out the mottled, streaky appearance that milk paint is known for or change/deepen the color (for that, use an oil based finish such as our Oil Wax).  This product will seal the milk paint but keep the exact look of raw paint.

Coverage: 1 Pint covers approximately 44 sq ft; 1 Quart covers approximately 88 sq ft; 1 Gallon covers approximately 352 sq ft.


  • Keep from freezing.
  • Do not apply below 55˚ F or in humid conditions.
  • Test before using over a large surface of a dark paint.  Product may dry slightly white/cloudy if applied to thick or in a humid environment.
  • Interior use only.
  •  Formulated without formaldehyde preservatives, toxic mildewcides or fungicides.
  • Note: may not protect against certain kitchen oils.

Directions: All surfaces must be clean and free from dirt, dust, grease, wax, oils and tsp/soap.  Allow 24 hours after painting/staining before applying.  Gently mix product or roll bottle to avoid air bubbles.  Pour product in a clean container to avoid contamination.  Apply in even thin layers with a brush or roller – keep a wet edge and avoid overbrushing.  Apply two coats allowing product to dry 4-6 hours between each coat.  Test product in an inconspicuous area when using over dark colors.  Avoid applying to heavily or product may appear cloudy or yellow.  These are general guidelines, user needs to determine what prep and application techniques are best for their specific surface.

Re-Coat Time:  Under normal conditions, Top Coat Final Finish will dry to the touch within 1 hour and is re-coatable in 4-6 hours.  Avoid traffic/use for at least 24 hours.  Product will continue to cure and harden over time.  Do not use below 55 degrees.  Do not allow product to freeze.  

Clean Up:  Use mild soap and water.  

Safety: Keep bottle tightly closed and out of reach of children. Always have adequate ventilation.  If you are chemically sensitive, always test for personal tolerance.

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