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Layered Chocolate DIY Paint

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Layered Chocolate DIY Paint™ by Debi's Design Diary incorporates only the highest quality NO VOC premium pigments, resulting in a velvety texture and richly creamy consistency. This eco-friendly paint boasts a minimal ingredient list, consisting solely of nine all-natural components, including clay and chalk.  The color palette's vibrancy is a clear indication of its premium quality.

GORGEOUS RESULTS. DIY Paint™ does not contain any latex or acrylic.  DIY Paint contains only 9 ingredients, and is clay and chalk based with a high quality dream finish.  After a simple application, you will transform your piece from dull to delightful. Even with no prior furniture painting experience, anyone can achieve professional-looking results with DIY Paint.

ONE STEP PROCESS. DIY Paint™ is of the highest quality clay and chalk based paint on the market.  Usually, there is no need to sand or prime prior to painting. If you have ever labored over sanding and then priming a piece before you even begin the fun part, you can appreciate how much time and backache this feature saves you.  All paint does require a minimum cleaning and possibly a light scuff sand. Priming may also be required depending on original surface.

No VOCs.  Not only can you paint indoors without worrying about fumes, but for those people who have allergies or are sensitive to toxins, there are NO VOCs and the paint is all natural.  The high quality pigment in DIY Paint  ™ results in exceptional coverage and color richness.  DIY Paint ™ uses premium no VOC pigments resulting in magnificent deep color and excellent coverage.  That is something everyone can love.


  • 8 oz (sample).  Perfect for a small project like a chair or small side table. Coverage is approximately 35 square feet.
  • 16 oz (Pint).  Usually more than enough to complete a good size piece of furniture, covers approximately 75 square feet.
  • 32 oz (Quart).  Covers approximately 150 square feet will cover several pieces of furniture.


  1. Clean and dry the object to be painted.
  2. Remove lid and stir thoroughly. Sometimes you don't even need to stir DIY Paint.  It's that good)
  3. Apply one coat and allow to dry 15 minutes to a few hours, depending on climate.
  4. Apply second coat, if needed.
  5. Allow second coat to dry.
  6. Seal surface with a DIY Paint finishing product in the DIY Paint Prep, Finish, & Companions Collection.

9 INGREDIENTS. Water, clay, porcelain clay, chalk, alcohol, ester (as a binder), cellulose, pigments, preservative.

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