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Angled Spalter Paintbrush (ONE Series 1052) by Staalmeester

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Introducing the Angled Spalter Brush with Staalmeester ONE (1052) Paintbrush.

  • #2 - Staalmeester (1.09.1052.2) - 1.0" / 25mm (width)
  • #5 - Staalmeester (1.09.1052.5) - 2.0" / 50mm (width)
  • #7 - Staalmeester (1.09.1052.7) - 3.0" / 75mm (width)
  • #10 - Staalmeester (1.09.1052.10) - 4.0" / 100mm (width)
  • One of the highlights of this collection is the Angled Spalter brush featuring the special Staalmeester ONE bristles. This brush is a perfect match for Fusion Mineral Paint, providing you with outstanding results every time. Its unique features include:
    1. High Absorbing Power: The Angled Spalter brush offers excellent paint absorption, allowing for smoother and more efficient application. You'll experience improved control and coverage with each stroke.

    2. Adaptability to Different Surfaces: No matter the surface you're working on, this brush adapts effortlessly. For precise application whether you're painting furniture, cabinets, or other projects, the Angled Spalter brush ensures a seamless application every time.

    3. Brushstroke-Free End-Result: Say goodbye to visible brushstrokes! The high-quality bristles on this brush deliver a professional finish, leaving you with a flawless, smooth surface.

    The Decoration Spalter Paintbrush (ONE Series 1052) by Staalmeester is a professional-grade tool crafted with synthetic fibers for a smooth finish. It is designed for artists, decorators, and artisans who value reliable performance and precision. The ONE Series 1060 offers superior feedback during application and is ideal for detailed and intricate lines.

    Spalter Brush, with special Staalmeester ONE mix, is suited for use with all types of paint. Used as a finishing brush for wall decorations. Works also good combined with varnish. The brush distinguishes itself by its high absorbing power, its high adaptability to different surfaces, and its stripeless end-result!

    Use in conjunction with the Turquoise Iris Water Girl Misting Bottle by Paint Pixie to obtain that perfect blend.

    Click to learn how to pick the perfect brush for your DIY project, to compare sizes, and to learn more about Staalmeester paintbrushes.

    I recommend Fusion's Brush Cleaner for cleanup and conditioning so this brush will last you a lifetime.


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