About IOD Decor Stamps by Iron Orchid Designs, Best Practices, and Tips

 About IOD Décor Stamps.  IOD Décor Stamps are essentially what they sound like - a stamp. Similar to a stamp that you might’ve used as a child - but magical. Our repeatedly reusable IOD Décor Stamps have the power to transform an item that you found on the side of the road to a new family heirloom.

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How use IOD Stamps + How to Make an Easy DIY Beach Sign (2020)


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Paint works wonderfully with the Décor Stamps, as well as our Décor Ink.  Our IOD Décor Ink gives finer detail and tends to be a little more translucent than paint.  We find that we like using paint and ink equally, and they lend themselves well to different projects and surfaces.

IOD Décor Stamps are especially designed to transform your walls, add delightful detail to your furniture rehabs and create delightful fabric patterns! Of course they work fabulously for your crafting projects as well!

IOD Decor Stamps™ are an essential tool for creating. Decor, fashion, sugar arts (because our high quality material is food safe, you can use it in your sweet creations too!). We design our Decor Stamps in such a way to be as versatile as possible, allowing all kinds of uses and configurations, all high in style to meet the needs of our highly creative customer.

Practice on a piece of cardboard or some other surface before you tackle a treasured piece.