IOD Air Dry Clay by Iron Orchid Designs @ Painted Heirloom

IOD Air Dry Clay by Iron Orchid Designs

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With proprietary ingredients, our artist grade IOD Air Dry Clay holds detail for casting with our IOD Moulds. Expect a small amount of shrinkage and cracking when dry, and use it to your vintagey advantage!  Store in cool area.

Size:  One single pack of 14.1 oz (400g) Air Dry Clay.

PRO TIP:  When we use air dry clay for casting, we love to glue them down while wet, right out of the mould. Inevitably, when they dry they crack a bit here and there because of shrinkage. We embrace this and use it to our vintagey advantage, BUT, if there are any that you aren't pleased with, simply back fill them with a bit more clay after they are dried.  If you don't want them to crack, after you pull the casting from mould, gently cover your air dry clay casting in cellophane - either glued in place or on a safe surface - ensuring you don't lose any details by pressing too hard.  The clay will take longer to dry, but cracking will be minimized!

To learn how to use this product, and for the best tips and techniques, please visit our Iron Orchid Design Inspiration (IOD) Videos, How-To's, & Tutorials page for detailed guides and information.

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