Trying to drop the gift idea hint? Send a Wishlist!

Vonda Youngkin

Someone in your life struggling with what to get you for that special occasion?  Drop a big Iron Orchid Designs and Fusion Mineral Paint Wishlist in their laps!  It's so simple!

To add to and share a wishlist, first, browse various collections and products at The Painted Heirloom.  When you find an item you want to add to your wish list, just click the open heart ♡, to make it a solid ❤, adding it to Your Wishlist!

Add IOD and Fusion Mineral Paint to Your Wishlist

Then, to share your wishlist, just go to Your Wishlist, or click the red heart on the right side of the screen, and follow the instructions to share via email, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter!  That's it!


Share Your IOD and Fusion Wishlist @ The Painted Heirloom


Add IOD and Fusion Mineral Paint to Your Wishlist


There's still time to get your items before Christmas!  I live in North-West Florida. Priority Shipping to MOST places takes only 2 days, and usually 3 at most!

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