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Vonda Youngkin |

Hi, everybody!

I've been getting some questions about my stock, shipping, etc.  I'll try to keep this short! :)

1.  In-Stock.  If a product does NOT have "Out of Stock" notice, then it is IN-STOCK, and ready to ship!  If you can add it to the cart, I actually have it on hand!  I don't offer a product for sale if I don't have it in stock and ready to go.  If the U.S. Post Office is still open, 99.99% of the time it will ship same day.  It is literally a 3 minute drive to my post office.

2.  USPS First Class Package Service.  As we all know, shipping is mostly based on weight.  With that said, most single IOD items, such as an individual IOD Stamp, or a single IOD Mould, or even one IOD Transfer, if ordered by themselves, can be shipped via the cheaper USPS First Class Package Service.  You will see that option during check-out.  Of course you can select Priority, and it may speed up delivery by a day or two.  But if you want to save a few dollars, select First Class Shipping.  Do keep in my that some IOD products are actually slightly heavier than their counterparts.

3.  USPS Priority Mail.  As I have it noted in the cart and during check-out, Priority, Priority Cubic, Priority Regional Rate, Priority Flat Rate (envelope or box) are ALL the exact same service and take the same amount of time.  In order to offer the LOWEST costing Priority Service, my web site pulls ALL the Priority Services and offers them to you.  PLEASE, SELECT THE CHEAPEST PRIORITY RATE LISTED. :).  There is no reason to select "Priority" if "Priority Cubic" is listed and it is cheaper.  It will go in the exact same USPS Priority box, and it will take the exact same amount of time to get from my post office to your house.  

As always, if you  have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to use the contact form, or message me on Facebook