10/21/2020: Next Fusion Restock TBD. Next IOD Oct 23 - including MORE Fall 2020 Moulds!

Vonda Youngkin

10/21/2020: 9:30 PM CST UPDATE.  

Fusion Update.  Most of Fusion is in stock. I have orders placed, but no delivery ETA.

IOD Update.

  • TRANSFERS.  Woodland Christmas (Limited Edition) and Painterly Florals sold out within hours.  And I had a lot.  I'm sorry if you missed out.  Because it's seasonal, IOD has stated they will no longer produce Woodland Christmas.  If you can get it elsewhere, get it - you may never see it again.  Painterly Florals is on order! ETA roughly 10/28.
    • Wander Pad on order, ETA roughly 10/28.
    • Lemon Drop Pad on order, ETA roughly 10/28.
    • Midnight Garden Pad on order, ETA roughly 10/28.
    • Botanist Journal Pad on order, ETA roughly 10/28.
  • MOULDS.  Received a small restock 10/21, but expect a large amount of Boughs of Holly and Snowflakes October 23. I went ahead and added them to inventory - BUT PLEASE READ -> You can order now, but this product (and any others with your order) will be shipped to you October 23, 2020.  Boughs of Holly and Snowflakes, too, are Limited Editions.  Once they sell out, you may never see them again. Sea Shells will also be back in stock October 23. Sea Shells is NOT a Limited Edition, and so I didn't order a lot of them.
  • STAMPS.  Small restock of Holly Jolly, Swoosh, and Farm Hand 10/23, but I expect more Holly Jolly on October 23 as well, and a large amount of Swoosh and Farm Hand. Once Holly Jolly sells out, that will be it for the year, also!  Swoosh and Farm Hand will be around for a long time!
    • Rose Toile on order, ETA roughly 10/28.
    • Typesetting on order, ETA roughly 10/28.
    • Thin Mounts expected late October.

To be emailed when a specific color/product is back in stock, go to my web page and click the heart to add it to your Wishlist.  Make sure you include your email address so you will be emailed!  

As always, if you have any questions, Contact Form by clicking here.

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  • Eva Freeman on

    I would like to order some paint. It doesn’t look like I can from your website. How do I order a 16 oz. size of Raw Silk mineral paint?


  • Jose on

    I would love 1 pint of Raw silk. When available. I just placed another order today will like to add this to it. Thank you

  • Vonda Youngkin @ The Painted Heirloom - ADD to WISHLIST (the heart!) on

    I do not have the ability to reserve paint. If you want to be notified when I add to stock, please, ADD your desired products to your WISHLIST (click little heart, and add your email address) to be emailed when back in stock. Thank you.

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