I.O.D. Barr and Sugden White Decor Transfer (24"x33") by Iron Orchid Designs @ The Painted Heirloom

Barr and Sugden White Decor Transfer (24"x33") by IOD - Iron Orchid Designs

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IOD Barr & Sugden White Decor (24" x 33") Transfer by Iron Orchid Designs is a spectacular white transfer.

Dimensions: width 24" x height 33". One single white (shown on black background) cuttable sheet, see left.

The black background in the sample image is only for contrast.  Rest assured, this is a white only transfer, and only the white lettering and graphics will transfer onto your project.

IOD - Iron Orchid Designs Stamps, Transfers, and Mould Tutorials, How-Tos, Tips, Best PracticesTo learn how to use this product, and for the best tips and techniques, please visit our Iron Orchid Design Inspiration (IOD) Videos, How-To's, & Tutorials page for detailed guides and information.

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