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Butterflies Masks

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This is a set of masks (only) for use and coordinates with the IOD Butterflies Decor Stamp (sold separately). The Masking technique can give your project a layered look with depth.

NOTE:  IOD produced this product after their previous production of the associated stamp.  These masks ARE currently included with the associated stamp for sell on my website.  So, if you are buying Butterflies Stamp from me today (or future), your Butterflies will already have these masks included, and you do NOT need to buy this product.  Only if you bought the associated stamp in the past that didn't come with the masks, or you want replacement masks, should you buy this product.

Sheet Dimensions: one 12" x 12" sheet with masks only for IOD Butterflies Stamp (sold separately.)

IOD - Iron Orchid Designs Stamps, Transfers, and Mould Tutorials, How-Tos, Tips, Best PracticesTo learn how to use this product, and for the best tips and techniques, please visit our Iron Orchid Design Inspiration (IOD) Videos, How-To's, & Tutorials page for detailed guides and information.

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