Barn Red Milk Paint by Homestead House @ The Painted Heirloom
Barn Red Milk Paint by Homestead House @ The Painted Heirloom

Barn Red Milk Paint

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Barn Red Milk Paint by Homestead House is a deep rich iron oxide red, and is reminiscent of old barns through the countryside.

Coverage.  1 8.1 oz / 230 g pouch makes approximately 1 Quart. Covers approximately 65 sq ft.

About & How To. 

If you have a shiny, glossy finish, use use Fusion's Bonding Agent (aka Ultra Grip) to ensure even adhesion to ensure the paint holds. Simply mix 1 part of Bonding Agent into 1 part paint before applying.  If the surface is flay and porous, new bare wood, or a dull, old finish, simply apply the paint straight onto it! when applying to previous painted surfaces.

Please Note.  Milk Paint by Homestead House, Miss Mustard Seed, and Fusion Mineral Paint are all produced by the Homestead House Paint Company (parent company of Fusion) using the exact same recipe, raw ingredients, and methods. Only the colors are different between the three brands.

The Milk Paint recipe stays true to that of an authentic milk paint containing natural ingredients such as chalk, clay, limestone, casein, and pigments. Unlike some Milk Paint found in a can, these contain no vinyl resins.

The result is a long lasting, very durable paint popularly used by modern designers, green consumers and home owners seeking to capture a variety of modern, trendy, antique and textured looks, with a hard as stone finish for interior or exterior use, and is mold resistant. When using less water than called for the texture can be used for embossing.

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