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Prep & Finishing

Fusion Mineral Paint is Foundation to Finish All-in-One

Fusion Mineral Paint dries to a gorgeous soft, matte finish, has a built in top coat that is very durable, stain resistant, waterproof once cured (approximately 21 days), and is perfect without any additional finish. However, we do have some fantastic options for you if you do want to add some interest, antique or try a different sheen.

  • For an increased sheen, add our Beeswax Finish.
  • For high traffic areas, over light paint colours you can add our Tough Coat Matte Wipe-On Poly.
  • Fusion Hemp Oil Wood Finish is a gorgeous finishing product, specifically for bare wood, new or old.
  • For more information, watch the All About Top Coats video on our Fusion Video Page.