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9/4/20 - 5:15PM UPDATE - New IOD Moulds & Stamps On Sale Now! Another Stock Update

Vonda Youngkin |

9/4/2020: 5:15 PM CST UPDATE - Due to UPS sliding almost half of my initial stamp shipment from today to Tuesday (Labor Day weekend! ARGH!), only a few orders with the new stamps made it out today.  I am terribly sorry.  I only received THREE of the hottest selling stamp - EVERGREEN, and NONE of the 2nd hottest Stamp - HOLLY JOLLY. :(   My first new stamp order was initially supposed to arrive September 3. So, I put everything on sale.  Then it slipped to September 4.  Then last night, I got a notification that almost half the shipment slipped until Tuesday, September 8 - Labor Day is Monday.  Again, I'm sincerely sorry for the delay.  I've had shipments slip a day, but not 2 days.  If you have not received shipping notification by now, your order will ship Tuesday, September 8.

I still expect to add NEW inventory of Evergreen, Holly Jolly, and others Wednesday, September 9, and have another order right behind that!

If you wish to CANCEL or ADD/CHANGE your order, please use the Contact Form by clicking here.  As always, I ship orders in the order they were received.

9/3/2020:  Next restock for any sold out STAMPS is currently Wednesday, September 9. New moulds still a couple of weeks out.  Non-new-moulds restock is tomorrow, September 4 (Trimmings 1 & 2, Birdsong, etc).

9/2/2020:  As pointed out on each new Fall 2020 Stamp and on this post since release, any order placed with the new stamp will be shipped on or after September 4. I will not have the Stamps in stock and in my possession until this Friday, September 4. Thanks for your understanding. :)

9/1/2020:  The 3 new moulds are now sold out.  Unfortunately, IOD limited the quantities we could purchase. ETA for restock of new moulds is 2 weeks. I still have stock of the new stamps with more on the way.

Add a product to Wishlist to be automatically emailed when I have that product back in stock. This does not reserve the product.  

The new Fall 2020 IOD Moulds and new IOD Stamps (NOT the new Transfers) are on sale now!

PLEASE NOTE WHEN ORDERING NEW STAMPS - If you order ANY product on the same order as a new Fall 2020 Stamp, I will hold ALL items of that order, and ship ALL items at the same time after I receive the new Stamps - either September 4 or September 5. This is obviously to reduce shipping costs. Any order placed with the new stamp will be shipped on or after September 4. I will not have the Stamps in stock and in my possession until this Friday, September 4.

I have IOD Moulds in stock & ready to ship. If ordered alone, or with any product that isn't a new Fall 2020 Stamp, it will ship tomorrow.

The new Transfers will be released some time in September. Final Date and Price to be determined by IOD. Also, currently sold out Transfers should be back in stock in September.

7 stamp sets, 3 moulds, and 2 new transfers in a completely new format!

See my IOD Sections to view the new products!

Here’s an overview of the new IOD Stamp line up:

  • 1 coastal decor stamp
  • 2 holiday stamps
  • 4 typography stamps

We also added a new feature to our stamps that you’re going to love — reusable masks!!!

For the new Fall 2020 IOD Moulds:

  • With the new IOD Sea Shells Decor Mould, you can DIY your own starfish, sand dollars, sea shells and more! 
  • The IOD Snowflakes Decor Mould is more detailed than can possibly described! This is going to be one of those moulds that you find yourself using again and again as you make handmade gifts and decorate for the winter season.
  • You won't believe the details of the evergreen tree castings and the poinsettia blossom, or how you’ll be able to see each individual pine needle on the the IOD Boughs of Holly Decor Mould!  

 For the Fall 2020 IOD Transfers:

IOD has raised the bar by changing their format.  Instead of a 24"x33" transfer rolled up in a tube, the 2 new transfer "sets" will be a Pad of EIGHT 12"x16" Transfer Sheets in one set.

IOD - Iron Orchid Designs Fall 2020 Moulds, Stamps, and Transfers @ The Painted Heirloom