IOD has shipped April 2021 Releases! I hope to ship this weekend! Quantities still available for PRE-ORDER!

Vonda Youngkin

IOD April 2021 Release Reveals This Week!

IOD has shipped the 4 new IOD Stamps and the 3 new IOD Transfers to me, and I currently expect to receive them this Friday, May 14!  This could slip to Saturday the 15th, or Monday the 17th.  Never know anymore.

IOD has yet to give us a green light to hand over to our customers, but I expect it to be later this week.  My goal will be to ship out as many as possible Friday and Saturday - of course I will ship them in the order I received. :)  I appreciate everyone's patience through this process! :)

I still have unsold quantities available that will be arriving this Friday (or Saturday, or Monday)

4 new IOD Stamps are available for Pre-orderShipping mid-May.

3 new IOD Transfers are avail for Pre-order.  Shipping mid-May.

PRE-ORDERS are available for the 4 Stamps and 3 Transfers. I do not have these in stock yet (no stockist does), and they're expected to ship mid-May. IOD has NOT begun to ship to stockists.

Remember, if you order a pre-order product with current release product, your order will be held until all pre-order items are received.

Sneak Peek of the Soon-to-Be Released IOD Stamps of April 2021.

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  • loveley on

    so happy that i found you . amazing job .

  • sheri jenkins on

    I’m so excited about the new IOD products. I cant wait to see them at 1p.m. today!!!

  • Jennifer Leitz on

    Omg I can’t wait for the new ones to.come out ..

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